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Hola!! Mi nombre es Mysterio24 y participe en este juego dandole voz a algunos personajes y en la traduccion al español en la version completa de Leenie Boog.

Hice un video jugandolo en mi canal de Youtube por si lo quieren ver :))

Hello!! My name is Mysterio24 and I participated in this game giving voice to some characters and in the Spanish translation in the full version of Leenie Boog.

I made a video playing it on my Youtube channel if you want to see it :))

Just played the full game!! It was so good I was blown away! Loved it so much!

I swear I gave him the work idc!! lml! 

Credits and much love to you, developer! Thank you for the AWESOME game. I can't wait for the next one. I get to play this in the Philippines! 

An amazing creepy game and my ears fail me every time. 

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крутая игра жду продолжения

I shit y'all not, I was playing full screen. I hear him enter the house so I run around frantically, and at one point I turn around, this 6 foot 5 monster is in my fucking face, and I scream so loudly. Not only that, I opened the Microsoft Store. In fullscreen. And, I jumped back like a foot and a half. And threw my headset off. This game is terrifying. It's really good though.

too hard too pass!! sub!!

Loved the demo, loved the actual game even more! This is an awesome game and you haven't bought it on Steam you should. 

hi, big thx for the great demo. i love it. greetings from rosti 👍🥰🙏

This was one of my favorite games I played in 2021 so I had to put it in my channel's 2021 recap

I felt like part 2 was more scary than part 1

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Gotta say I was really curious how this game would transition to a full game concept wise & I gotta say this really does remind me alot of "Joy Of Creation" which is pretty neat tbh. 


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vão lá família

I can't wait for the full game release! I played this in a 3 Spooky Games I posted on YouTube.



hey hombre , soy brian es un placer

me encanto tu videojuego es muy dificil y aterroriza bastante jajajaj 

le hize un gameplay en mi canal , espero que sea de tu agrado ¡¡¡¡¿ 

cuidate mucho y sigue asiiii

Nos puedes dar una pista de cuanto falta para el juego? me gusto y mi pc lo mueve bien xD

Quiero que el juego sea de calidad. Espero hacerlo lo antes posible :)

dale amigo, le tengo muchas expectativas :)


Finally getting to play this game and I love the concept so far. I'm excited for when the full version gets released.

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well done the game is good 

 and leenie boog is so so cute


Мне эта игра очень понравилась, продолжайте :-)


Спасибо! Ваш отзыв очень важен для меня :)




This game is so amazing! 🤓  I'm looking forward to the full version 😍


This was a fun little demo! Graphics, gameplay....dread....all great! The only issue I ran into was getting stuck once after closing one of the windows. Other than that, the playthrough was super! (super tense, more like it :|)

Can't wait for the full release!

update please!!!!

The next update is the release

cuando saldra?



Ear rape isn't scary, it's obnoxious and lazy design


If that's all you got out of this game...kinda feel sorry for ya lol

Telling the player that they have to turn up the game sound to hear when it is coming and then ear raping the player when they lose? Nah..


They mean to listen to where the sound is coming from around the house... :/


I can say hello to this fox :D


he is s p o o k y

I love this game



Scary Fox Monster!!!

Simplicity at its finest. What a great little game !!


Just tried it out of curiousity

FNAF like games, I'm never good at it :(


Tried out the Steam demo last month.


There's not a lot to say besides oh my God that was outstanding! Living proof that you don't need a huge story and all the works to have a beautiful game! Well done!


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This game is terrifying and awesome, I can't wait for the full game to come out! The jumpscare and him chasing you was the scariest thing ever


beastars but its an horror game


super scary! The jumpscares were on point!! Got me every time! Played this a while back, don't remember if I posted it here lol, anyway enjoy!

ohhh yes this one got me a few times!!!!

Beastars if legoshi used drugs


Yooo when does the full game drop! Great demo!

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